Saturday, 15 September 2018

The Sixty Quirks of Witches and their Ilk

I have written about witches; they gain these things as a reward for doing awful witch things more often, like spell rituals and cavorting with elves and stealing secrets from the dead and all that other shit. This is the working draft I've been using in play-testing. So far so good.

Roll a D6 (for the column) and a D10 (for the row). I will paste these and then go to a party.

ONE (1)
1 Speak with Animals (yes/no, D6 questions)
2 Spoil/wilt plants with a touch
3 Grow/flower plants with a touch
4 Appears as very old to children, elves, and sporadically (1 in 12, for just a moment) to strangers
5 Appears as very young to children, elves, and sporadically (1 in 12, for just a moment) to strangers
6 Has worms, beetles, roaches, tentacles, mice or spiders living amongst hair/attire
7 Symbols of loyalty (brangs, rings, flags, etc.) fall off, fade or distort in presence
8 Domestic dogs bark fearfully/angrily at the witch
9 Cause warts/boils on children for D12 days
10 Can smell magic - it smells like rust and forests or  contempt and rain or blood and swamp or sweat and misery

TWO (2)
1 Has a constant odour of rust and forests or  contempt and rain or blood and swamp or sweat and misery
2 Has eyes of different colours
3 Large, hidden witch/birthmark of moon, lightning, wilted hound, lump/growth, raven, spider, etc.
4 Small obvious (face, hand etc.) witch/birthmark of moon, lightning, wilted hound, lump/growth, raven, spider, etc.
5 Spoils domestic milk and eggs in presence
6 Very young domestic animals quickly sicken and die in presence
7 Very old domestic animals become pregnant/gravid in presence
8 candles/flames flicker in presence
9 candles/flames change hue in presence
10 bugs/worms/something appear in nearby meals (~ 1 in 12)

1 The air is uncommonly cold around the witch
2 With a touch, can imbue (or remove) a sense (or their voice) into one animal/familiar. Creature must be no larger than a fox, and will remain/skulk nearby the witch if dismissed. If the familiar is killed while so imbued, the witch loses thing forever.
3 Eyes sporadically (~ 1 in 12 conversations) take on cat, lizard, or goat traits. Witch can blink them away once aware they are showing.
4 Unnaturally agile, bendy, and long. Cat or fox-like. This is unsettlingly obvious during surprised or athletic movement.
5 Cultivated gardens slowly develop brambles, vines, and become overgrown (effects noticeable in D12 hours; impenetrably overgrown in D12 days).
6 Cannot be deliberately burned
7 Cannot be deliberately drowned
8 Has unnatural intuition for healing mundane wounds, illnesses (not plagues), with uncommon/unusual natural components
9 Weighs the same as a duck
10 Accidentally seductive - 1 in 12 people fall in love, complete with jealousy, adoration, possessiveness, sacrifice, etc.

FOUR (4)
1 Straw-like hair
2 Unusually warty
3 Tongue like a Magpie, Serpent, forked, etc.
4 Spellcasting is: Impossible if > 1 month without naked sexual/sensual engagement with another; Difficult if between 1 and 4 weeks without sex/etc.; Normal if sex/etc. within a week; Easier during sex/etc.
5 Gangly & gaunt
6 Can impregnate/be-impregnated-by anything alive
7 Made of wood
8 Allergic to sweet foods
9 Is burned by salt
10 Long pointed nose

FIVE (5)
1 Has a minor 'gravitational' pull on objects made of one of the following: (1) silver; (2)magic; (3)natural ingredients; (4)iron; (5)blood; (6)everything
2 Can only eat one of: sandwiches; plants; flesh (innocent flesh can nourish for a moon); Gruel/stew; Vermin/weeds; Cakes
3 Unnaturally talented at crafting potions of various effects (love, poison, healing, sadness, courage, allergies, sleep, levitation, mutation, in/fertility, etc… witchy things.)
4 Extra long fingers.
5 Fingertips like needles/pins
6 Followed, observed, and reported on by a black cat, raven, fox, pheasant, badger, or goose ( or some other animal no larger than a fox)
7 Has the reflection of a black cat, raven, fox, pheasant, badger, or goose ( or some other animal no larger than a fox)
8 Is very beautiful. Is very, very, maliciously envious of anyone more beautiful. (~ 1 in 100 people)
9 Sickly green flesh, or grey dead skin. Slight scent of decay
10 Cannot sleep in the same room/place twice. (Moving caravans are Ok.)

SIX (6)
1 Grows feathers, quills, fur or scales instead of body hair, and randomly elsewhere.
2 Area around where the witch sleeps has magical disguise of being pristine and beautiful
3 Area around where the witch sleeps has magical disguise of being awful and wretched
4 Cycles through quarterly cycle of prepubescence, adulthood, postpubescence, for one moon each.
5 Cannot be submerged.
6 Grows wart somewhere on body when lied to (not necessarily aware of them)
7 Touch smoulders flammable items (unless wearing gloves)
8 Touch is freezing (unless wearing gloves)
9 Gets shorter as they get older; does not suffer other ill effects of old age or die of 'natural causes'
10 Cackles instead of laughter

Ok I think that's all of them.

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

New Feierland Merchants: The Woodturner

The drafts of my preposterous equipment lists continue somewhat apace. I'm going to tweak a bunch of the prices - I want there to be a big old discrepancy between rich people stuff and poor people stuff. There need to be spices that can buy farms, you know? I'll do that on the next pass. In the mean time, here are a bunch of nice wooden things. There's enough in there to help build the setting in the imagination of the beholder, I think, and enough odd things and services to inspire people to play creatively and entertainingly.

I played with another new group the other day - 3 players who'd never played RPGs before + my girlfriend. They really enjoyed looking through the madness that is my equipment list and buying a bunch of dumb things. I was happy.

BEGINNERQUEST: Patron Jon Shortchange of The Reprehensiblers informs all Hectors and Bovver-Boys that rumours and mistruths about the moonlight activites of his fellowship are somewhat exaggerated. All beasts involved in Reprihensibler meetings are guaranteed to be dead BEFORE the beginning of the festivities. A Reward of 175 g, a set of painted playing-cards, and a spade is offered to anyfolk whom can sharply identify the source of these rumours.

Woodturner Woodturner (cont.)
Meusmador of Boldbarn - 22 y.o. Gambler Meusmador of Boldbarn - 22 y.o. Gambler
Services Cost (g) Services Cost (g)
Secret Compartment (by size) 9 - 110 Custom chess set ~ 245 - 425
Identify wood ~ 10 Fixtion of damage item ~ 2 per hour
Embellish/engrave (paper size) ~ 5 per section  Craft religious icon (fist sized) ~ 40
Load dice ~ 5 per dice Carve mandrake  to likeness ~ 100
Statue buildening ~ 100 per m2
Woodmending ~ 3 per hour
Item Cost (g) Item Cost (g)
Hardwood (e.g. Bridgewood, 50 per m2 Frank-Ash Lamellar (full suit) 46
Embleton Oak, Frank-Ash) Carved likeness 49
Softwood (e.g. Wolderwood, 30 per m2 Bed 50
Terric Pine, Nibbling Willow) Plough 53
Crookwood (e.g. Bloodwillow, 35 per m2 Block & Tackle 60
Red Yew, Gravebud) Snail-throne 62
Sled 75
Craft of Bone or Horn x 0.75 Cart 115
Mandrake root 115
Dice 2 Goat-chariot 133
Spoon or fork 2 Cabinet ~ 150
Cup 3 Chess set (Beasts vs Birds) 163
Tentpole (3 m) 4 Wagon 265
Oar 5
Funeral stake 5 Beehive frame (each) 3
Basket 5 Beehive, empty 10
Bucket 6 Wicker/Strawman, small 4
Stool 7 Toothpicks (fistful) 5
Scepter or rod 9 Rolling-pin 2
Chair 10 Smoking pipe 5
Ladder (3 m) 10 Horn (Hunting) 15
Scrollcase 11
Coffin (basic) 12
Barrel  15
Cage, for bird or mudrat 15
Flotsam figurine (Pirate, etc.) 17
Feierlish strugglebox 22
Wheel  22
Chair of swooning 25
Door 26
Headcage 26
Wheelborough 27
Strange carved fetish 33
Chest or trunklike object 35
Skis 36
Yoke 42
Bench or Tabling Device 43

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Thursday, 5 October 2017

New Feierland Merchants: Pantellow & Tabardier; Pyrographer

I feel like the Pantfellow & Tabardier is set up quite well to produce some fun role-playing and adventure. Every adventurer likes to set up their outfit just so, while the character of the vendor (as implied by the services offered and political enthusiasm) is likely to take the conversation somewhere fun, you know? Similarly, the Pyrographer offers burned magpies and dogs as part of his regular stock. He will also burn stuff for not-much money, which is obviously great. Curiously, these two vendors haven't yet been substantially interacted with in my playtests, but I have pretty high hopes.

In other news: Borric Hagborn wishes it known that whichever Poorly-Demeanoured Bootworm has acquired possession of his Prized Bale of Straw is now the similarly proud owner of a 100 goat bounty. These is no amnesty with which to bargain.

Pantfellow & Tabardier Pyrographer
Faiol Nir - Flirtatious 66 y.o. Politics enthusiast Rolfe Mannering - 42 y.o. Leatherclad Alcoholic
Services Cost (g) Services Cost (g)
Hidden pouches and pockets x 2 Arson 200 or more
Embroid or beautify Client's choice Burn thing ~ 20
Quick-release x 1.5 Identify burned thing 10 +
Unsolicited fashion advice No charge Burn animal ~ 10
Burn heinous attire No charge
Customised outfit Client's choice
Item Cost (g) Item Cost (g)
Oakthistle (to craft/per m2) x 0.5 / 4 Rushlight 1
Linen (to craft/per m2) x 1 / 10 Torch (6) 1
Goat (to craft/per m2) x 3 / 24 Lantern oil (pint) 2
Furs (to craft/per m2) x 7 / 60 Tar (per litre) 3
Sarsanet (to craft/per m2) x 10 / 75 Dustpan 3
Charcoal (per kg) 5
Needles/pins 1 Brush 5
Buttons/hooks (half dozen) 2 Flint & Tinder 7
Thread (small roll) 5 Tallow candle (per kg) 7
Dyes (for ~ 1 item) 15 Burned finch 7
Socks (pair) 3 Burnt skunk 12
Undergarments 3 Coal (per kg) 15
Sash/Scarf 5 Burned magpie 19
Turban 5 Open Lantern 25
Purse or pouch 6 Smoldust (Light w/o air; pint) 25
Belt (fine or broad) 6 Burnt skull of elk 27
Sack 7 Burned warthog 28
Gloves (pair) 8 Hooded lantern 35
Vest 9 Bellows 36
Hat or cap 9 Volcanic lard (pint) 40
Veil, coif or hood 9 Burned dog 42
Girdle 10 Beeswax candle (per kg) 50
Tunic or blouse 12 Mirrored lantern 75
Drapery or net 12 Waterproof lantern (smoldust) 88
Kilt/Skirt 13 Lava (per litre) 650
Jerkin 13 Quicklime (powder, fistful) 15
Suspenders 14
Shirt 16
Tabard/Surcoat 17
Trousers or leggings 19
Scapula or smock 19
Pack 22
Blanket, rug or towel 24
Cape 27
Jacket 29
Robe or gown 30
Gown 35
Coat 36
Cloak or mantle 37
Dress 42

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Rewards For Party's First Quest (D66, roll a few times)

Weaponry & Arms Attire & Armoury
11 Piece of timber, or goblet on to a stick 21 Large sack, woven of oakthistle
12 Rusted spade or hoe 22 A long, tattered scarf or sash
13 Longdagger, crude but sharp 23 Swamp-boots, very few holes
14 Muddy pitchfork or scythe 24 Tabard or surcoat, stained with grime
15 Warhammer, scratched 25 Linen coat or cloak, singed
16 Poleaxe, tassled 26 Stuffed linen armour, odorous
Liquids & Miscibles Tools & Articles
31 Jug of Grog, Nauseating 41 Loose bundle of torches
32 Vial of black ink 42 Damp length of rope, 10 m
33 Flask of doglock (2 hits worth) 43 Crowbar or saw, weathered
34 Cruickshank's Fae-brewn whiskey, jug 44 Open lantern, with 2 pints of oil
35 Pot of Lye or Volcanic Lard 45 Digger tool (shovel/pick contraption)
36 Laudanum 46 Trade tools (pick one of your skills)
Trinkets & Esoterica Provisions & Victuals
51 Set of dice, ox-bone 61 3 Egg & Elderberry pies
52 Playing cards, witchcraft artwork 62 4 Wheels of Woodland Grained cheese
53 Set of charcoal sticks and parchment 63 Leeches, 1 kg
54 Bronze mirror, grease smudged 64 Bucket o' fish
55 Accurate map to unexplored ruins 65 Hogflesh, 2 kg
56 Bear trap, bog-iron 66 Barrel of Fenreed Ale (150 L)

Starting With Nothing

Recently, deliberately, I've been running for people who have either never or rarely played RPGs before. For these players I think that having new PCs start with no equipment, and no more than say 5-25 coins, is a good thing. It's probably good for all players in fact.

By giving the characters ownership of no things, and then presenting with a problem that threatens to take what's left, they are led neatly to a) investigating and interacting with the environment, and b) thinking of interesting solutions. This is Good. It trains them to play the game properly.

The End.

BONUS Extra benefits: 
- Cheap crappy stuff on the equipment list gets looked at; 
- Crappy cheap stuff gets used in interesting ways; 
- All the work you put into making an interesting and expansive equipment list isn't wasted; 
- You can use all sorts of shit as treasure now;
- Treasure is fucking great; 
- Desperate PCs who see themselves as victims of vast relative inequality will, like real life, turn to crime which, unlike real life, is almost always hilarious and fun;
- You can do really fun quests with stupid NPCs who have great accents and no real power, since whatever meagre rewards you're offering for dealing with those morons is better than anything the PCs own;
- Playing NPCs who are basically variations of the peasants from Monty Python Holy Grail is lots of fun;
- PCs will scavenge the dead with voracity;
- Some other stuff;
- Girlfriend is on the phone now.

New Feierland Merchants: Prostheticist & Skinworks

Probably your players will have their characters do something that loses them a limb or a face or something. It behoves you to give them something to look forward to by offering them at least a few interesting options for replacement. This is only a draft, but it's a solid first step. Also people want to buy stuff made from leather so here's that too.

In other news: The Mayor of New Feierland wishes it known that the recent and infamous executions enstaged by the Unproductive Navvies envermining the dockyards are subject to condemnation of unsurpassable sincerity. Rampant and unsactioned murder will continued to be considered as unsocial behavior of above average seriousness. Citizens are reminded that their human neighbours are the only human neighbours within practicable reach. The Fae Menace hates our way of life. Exercise vigilant bigotry where appropriate.

Margaret Fearraigh - Spiteful 34 y.o.

Wilmaer Wormsson - Charming, Tattooed 20 y.o. 

Services Cost (g) Services Cost (g)
Incorporate strenge treasure ~ 15 Cure beast hide 5 - 20
Incorporate strenge creature ~ 50 Hidden pouches and pockets x 2
Amputation & Burning ~ 5 Embossed, fanciful Client's choice
Customised prosthetic x 1.5 Fire-resistant x 3
Commission artwork 40 - 400 Create Skinmask ~ 15
Quick-release x 1.5
Item Cost (g) Taxidermification ~ 7 - 50
Craft of Steel x 4 Item Cost (g)
Craft of Silver x 50 Craft of Stronghide x 2
Eyepatch 10 Tanned leather 7 per m2
Foot Fishleather 8 per m2
Simple wood 10 Tanned Stronghides 16 per m2
Hook or spike 25
Weapon or tool 34 + items Pouch, generalised 3
Lockable or lodestone 93 Strop 4
Articulated 277 Wallet or Purse 5
Wine/Waterskin 5
Hand Collar 5
Simple wood 15 Baldric 6
Hook or spike 35 Shoes or Sandals (pair) 7
Weapon or tool 46 + items Belt 8
Lockable or lodestone 127 Scroll or Book case 8
Articulated 384 Skullcap 14
Satchel or Goat-Tote 14
Face Part Majestic sculpture of owl 15
Simple wood 30 Top hat 15
Hook or spike 50 Gloves (pair) 16
Weapon or tool 66 + items Broad hat 17
Lockable or lodestone 135 Backpack 18
Articulated 406 Livestock Harness 18
Twisted sculpture of elk 19
Leg Boots (pair) 21
Simple wooden peg 50 Unsettling sculpture of child 22
Hook or spike 70 Vest 26
Weapon or tool 82 + items Swamp-boots (Waders) 33
Lockable or lodestone 177 Breeches 38
Articulated 429 Longcoat 93
Arm Taxidermied wren 16
Simple wood 65 Taxidermied rat 17
Hook or spike 85 Taxidermied other rat 19
Weapon or tool 113 + items Taxidermied serpent 21
Lockable or lodestone 263 Taxidermied carp 22
Articulated 753 Taxidermied marsupial 23

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

New Feierland Merchants: Earthenware & Stongemonger; Glassier

Modest yet mysterious; rustic and eccentric. Earthenware, Stonemongery and The Glassier! Enriched adventurers ought to find plenty of odd things to waste their curiously earned coins on in these fine establishments. If nothing else, the perusal of such may help to inspire in players a greater understanding and investment in the lands they explore.

In unrelated news, the Town Crier wish it known that reports of Invisible Elven Necromancers are likely Highly Exaggerated. Citizens are reminded that panic or other forms of Unjustified Negativity are illicit. Furthermore, rapport with The Loquacious Or Otherwise Misbehaving Dead is illicit. Any Deceased Citizens found ambulating Beyond the stipulated boundaries of The Graveyard are to be either Destroyed Or Captured before being transported in an Approved Crate to The Sanitarium.

Earthenware & Stonemonger
Barda Chyfles - 70 y.o. skeptic
Pepin the Gypsy - 30 y.o. alcoholic
Services Cost (g)
Services Cost (g)
Chimney installation ~ 21 per metre
Lantern reconstructuration 5 per lantern
Repair & reconstructory ~ 3 per hour
En-Mirror item 15 (plus mirror)
Statue crafting ~ 600 per m3
Craft fake jewel ~ 20 - 40
Impress law unto stone 1 per word
Fill with molten glass 30 per litre
Derive facial mould ~ 10 per face
Identify strange glassware ~ 10 - 60

Item Cost (g)
Item Cost (g)
Granite Block ~3 tonnes, 1 m3 326 per m3
Craft of Fulgurite x 20
Granite (~ 33 cm cube, 100 kg) 12 per block
Craft of Obsidian x 5
Marble as granite
Stained Glass ~ 100 per m2
Serpentine x 2
Windows ~ 20 per m2
Ironstone x 0.5
Glass bead 1
Seastone (lime) x 0.3
Beverage glass 4

Beaker 5
Bricks (3 kg each) 1 each
Small bottle/vial/flask 7
Bowl or plate 2
Glass brooch 10
Small flask 2
Mirror of small surface 10
Dice of stone and clay 2 each
Glass shardings, empouched 10
Ceramic jar 3
Hollow'd, shattering knife 10
Mugs 3
Health-eggs 13
Pot, jug or pitcher 4
Marbles, empouched 15
Vase or urn 5
Glass pottery 15
Whetstone 7
Phallus or meditation rod 15
Clay hat 9
Serpent, en-coiled 20
Clay lamp 10
Glass stallion 25
Crucible 12
Wineglass that is a squid 25
Stone bludgeon 14
Decorated flask 25
Grindstone 17
Greenglass dagger 26
Jug shaped like an Owl 17
Prism which fits in a hand 30
Mortar and or pestle 17
Glass bear, a-roar 35
Pig-shaped pot 17
Leathercup goggles 39
Granitite axe 19
Spiralling, confusing ornament 42
Pot; Man whose head en-lids 19
Hourglass 45
Jug which is an ox 24
Chalice or Goblet 50
Urn; half of a pregnant woman 25
Apothecarial Calcinator 60
Millstone 250
Aquarium, middling 65
Bricks (3 kg each) 1 each
Apothecarial Still 75
Tiles for a roof or floor, laid 10 per m2
Mirror of folksized proportions 78
Ventland Ranks game tiles 13 per set of 17
Apothecarial Retort 100

Apothecarial Alembic 140

Magnification lense 220

Chess Set - Feierland v Elves 225

Spectacles for Humans 410

Spyglass 1,346

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