Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Curses Of New Feierland

Working on magic for the game. It's taking a while since the system I'm designing is unprecedented. It will hopefully be tremendous and gloriously acclaimed or universally reviled. Or maybe just quietly and unpassionately dismissed. Anyway, the list of things I wanted to be spells ended up being 98 long, so that's pretty convenient. I will make two more for 100 total. Here are some of the curses:

Curse Of:

1. The Empty, from which one's tubes fall unto the earth, intact.

2. The Sycophant, from which obsequiousness infects.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

10 Farms of New Feierland

I am making a game. It will be great. Here are some types of farms you will probably burn down by accident.

1. Leperberry Vineyard:
A fibrous, greyish vine that produces globular berries with the appearance of leprous skin. Taste of liver and honey.

2. Shameweed Cages & Squiddery
A long, rubbery sea-algae, originally named due to heavy consumption by the poorest and least capable of early settlers. Shameweed is now a staple for most households.  Served best with whiskey.