Saturday, 14 February 2015

My People Are Cowards are Giants in my town

They have destroyed many items of infrastructure to facilitate their passage through city, including lightpoles, traffic signals and footpaths. They are discriminate. We suspect they were brought here by the French, who cannot be trusted. It is a bold escalation in what was otherwise a cold or, at worst, simmering war. This cannot be excused.

And yet, none will battle them. All know that giants create ruckus, and that giants should be battled forever until there are no more giants.  I want to know why my people are not battling them. I suspect cowardice.

They must be shown. I will show them. I have studied the movements of the giants. I have armed myself; I will lead a force at daybreak.

Do not mourn the giant...

Monster: Puppeteer Giant

Puppeteer Giants exist between life and death. They look like that thing pictured, but grubbier and with more splinters. The mouth may hang slightly agape, or may be fixed into permanent grin/rictus. Stretching from many oily nodules are long, wirey sinews, that twitch and writhe with repressed consciousness. 

Each Puppeteer is unique. They lurch across barren landscapes, longing for their kin. They will, in their madness, impale and impose puppetry upon anything they can find. They use these pets for food, as bait, or as entertainment in inscrutable and often repulsive plays.

Impossible grimoires hint at their construction: Chunks of petrified Treant; The garb of a murdered giantess; The blood of her unborn child; Long fibres of meteoric steel, mithril or adamantium; The eyes of a great, forgotten thing; Ointments of demons' spleen, dryads' tears and the grease of mad, dwarven King.

HD: 10+25 (Lesser) or 20+50 (Greater)

AC: 20 or 26
Intelligence: Human, Mad.
Attacks (D6):

1-3 - Crushing Things: 2 Fist/FootAttacks dealing 3D6+7 (Lesser) or 6D6+10 (Greater)
4-6 - Profane Puppetry: D4 targets within 20 yards are impaled by invasive and obscenely writhing tentacles of corrupt metal. Save vs Dex/Breath or be under control of the Puppeteer, suffering 2D6 damage in the process. Targets remain as such until the cables are severed (AC as Pupetter, 10 or 20 HP) or they die. May control up to 10 such targets at a time. If abandoned, these victims will likely go insane and/or die in 2D6 days.

Resist Magic: 50%
Immune Poison, Disease, Etc.
Immune Charm

The Puppeteer can be controlled if two of the cruel metal strings of another Puppeteer are driven deeply into its brain. This is difficult to achieve.

Treasure: Whatever its puppets have, Whatever is salvageable of its corpse pieces. Jewellery/Decorations hidden under grime or dust worth D10*HD*50 GP.
Note: When encountered, will have D6+2 individuals from nearby encounter tables under puppetry command. There is a 75% chance that each of these things will be insane.

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