Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Curses Of New Feierland

Working on magic for the game. It's taking a while since the system I'm designing is unprecedented. It will hopefully be tremendous and gloriously acclaimed or universally reviled. Or maybe just quietly and unpassionately dismissed. Anyway, the list of things I wanted to be spells ended up being 98 long, so that's pretty convenient. I will make two more for 100 total. Here are some of the curses:

Curse Of:

1. The Empty, from which one's tubes fall unto the earth, intact.

2. The Sycophant, from which obsequiousness infects.

3. The Barren, from which children will not come.

4. The Scrumptious, from which arises a desire in all creatures to enstomach one's flesh.

5. The Lonely, from which lies become involuntary.

6. The Loyal, from which the truth must emerge.

7. The Moon, from which all magics seek and supplant the soul.

8. The Haunted, from which spirits will needlessly perturb.

9. The Blood, from which one's bloodline will harbour repugnance and curse.

10. Death, from which mortality will stalk the nearer years.

11. The Sands, from which the passage of time will dig deeper scars.

12. Plenty, from which emerges paunch overwhelming.

This guy. Cursed.

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