Thursday, 2 July 2015

10 Craftsfolk of New Feierland

Sometimes in games, buying stuff is a bit exciting but then you're like "oh that's all there is? cool".

I don't want that to happen. Equipping a character is often among the earliest things a player will do in your game. Some like this to be fast and efficient, to get into play as soon as possible. That's fine and easy to do. This post isn't about that.

This post is about making that equipment process, that early introduction of a player to your game and setting, into part of the game. Set the tone and turn it into play. Get your players thinking in the "right" kinds of ways, picturing the world they're pretending to explore and/or ruin. If a simple necessity (sort of) such as equipment purchasing consistently presents them with a sample of the game's energy, players might start to think in terms of their character and the world s/he inhabits. Increased enjoyment should hopefully follow.

There's still a lot of finalising to do in my game (many of the details need to be eloquently scrawled, etc.), but here are some places you can go to get stuff in New Feierland. Each will, of course, have its own list of stuff, services and modifications.

1. Prostheticist
Misplacement of a piece of your body can occur unexpectedly and without provocation. Despair not, young chap or chapette! It needn't be the end of your thriving! Come visit Macintosh's Prostheterie for a great range of custom limbs and organs!

2. Obscurer
Esoterica and Obscurisms. Trinkets and Curios. Ornament. Gimcrack. Accoutrement. Paraphernalia, Contrivance, Apparati, Ornament Again. Somethingrother. Biscuit. Honestly, I don't even know where most of this stuff came from. Whoever made them are probably dead or an elf or a dead elf. Buy something.

3. Skinworks
Pay homage to the dead, by wearing their skin! Given fresh-form, skins of many kinds are tolerable as fashionable-yet-functional attire. The outer layers of fauna, fae, or folk can be treated and tailored to your desires! Boiling, binding or other armouring-procedures also available.

4. Pyromancer
Keep the darkness at bay with the magic of PURE FIRE. Alternatively, keep the wretched, despicable fiends of the night at bay with liberal application of ACTUAL REAL FIRE. Actual fire, folks. Alternatively again, apply pseudofire to achieve firelike effects without using proper, actual, really-fire fire. Discounts available for folks seeking actual actual fire.

5. Librarian
Partake of the joys to be found within or of language, dear-nay-dearest patrons! Celia's Parchementery, Inkery and Wordhaven. Deliver and prescribe a present of sweeteries or artworks-of-the-cake-family for paramount service and unstateable gratitudity. Also; Books!

6. Pantfellow & Tabardier
Sir, listen. It's always raining here, and that means cold. And mud. You, therefore, need pants. I am among the greatest Pantfellows of Ol' Feierland, and had I known I would end up stuck on this cursed, elfridden swamp of a land I'd never have set foot on that treacherous ship. Ok, yes yes. Quiet now. Listen. You do not deserve my clothes, young sir, but you need them. And I need to eat. These will do you nicely. Hush! Hush, ingrate! I won't hear another word! Now, if you choose to go off and die, please consider doing so in such a way that these trousers can be saved, would you? By the Three, that would be kind.

7. Artificier
Molly O'Donnel's! The finest and only Tinkery and Mechanichist in town. For any of ye to which moonwrought elf-tricks are rightly reviled, come solve yer problems the ol' fashioned way! With bronze and iron mechanisms! Nary a single drop of babe's blood nor cloven hoof involved, nor a hair's chance in a fire of an unexpected curse. Come all, ye truehearts of man!

8. Crittermeister
Nothin' keep'ye safer in this land than a loyal hound. Nothin' but two, 'n'any case. Also avail'ble: Other stuff. They'all good quality - better'n half th'folk round'ere, s'f'sure. Hell, y'get 'em cheap if they like ye, cheaper still f'they last th'year.

9. Aesthetisticist
Bring Life to the Dull and Dreadful. Drag Pretty and Beautiful kicking and screaming from the Fen they're drowning in. Please. Jewellery, Cosmetics, Tattoos and Oils. Thrice, wear a Mask or Wig if you must! This land has taken so much - don't let it take our soul.

10. Apothecary
You're Probably Dying. I sell Drugs, Herbs, Vapours and Humours, and know how to use them, as much as any man. You will die anyway, I suppose. Best not to panic, young lady. Stress not certainties. I also sell spices, if you want to eat well before the end.

The Skinworks of Old Feierland

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