Monday, 5 June 2017

New Feierland Merchants: Merrygoer

Citizens are reminded that The Chesterville Herbalist, Laura Smallbadger, is of significant value to the township. Recent reports of Theft And Harrassment should bring sadness to all good citizens. Those Responsible have been identified and would do well to Turn Themselves In.

Mildred Bark - Mad, Well-paunched 37 y.o.
Mildred Bark - Mad, Well-paunched 37 y.o.
(For Commonfolk to rudely parrot real taste)
(For Commonfolk to rudely parrot real taste)
Services Cost (g)
Item Cost (g)
Impart delusion of attractiveness ~ 10
Masks 2D6 + 10
Misunderstand cultural trend Free
For Huge Mask X 5
Accentuate flaws ~ 15

Express envy of ones betters Free
Piece of bark with holes in it
Reduce muddiness of outfit 2 +
Piece of meat with holes in it
Shirk responsibility for overdose Free
Clay and mud effigy of lizard
Obtain rumour about nobility 55 +
Dog's head with string
Item Cost (g)
Heavy clay bovine effigy
Marmon'd Hog-oil (for hair) 25
Crude mockery of nobility
Mudwash 7
Indistinguishable tangle of weeds

Festive Tinctures (per hit)

Mighty Hirsute
Folk tonic 1
Damp Leaves
Hearthstone 2

Wedding powder 3
Sailor 5
Small 5
Rare herring 7
Medium (half limb) 20
Doglock 7
Large (whole limb, etc.) 37


Stack of hog meat, etc.
Stonemold 4
Essence of Gander 6
Map to house, tavern, etc.
Roastmeat oil 7
Name and/or address
Coppergreen 9
Sleeping hog
Flower-swill 11
Child or Partner's face

Caltrop'd wire
Wigs & Headdery

Flaming skull
Rabbitcap (dead rabbit, string) 15
Phrase in foreign language (?)
Burgher's Tress (knotted braid) 18
Recipe for gruel
Crown of Toad (one dead toad, 19
Burning witch/wizard
mouth encircles head)

Weevil-wig (Tied to weevils) 19
Duck with arrow in it
Hoof-crest (assorted hooves) 22
An eel breathing fire
Feierlish tails (assorted tails) 24
Some religious thing

Three swamp-flies

Half-sawed Elf
Rock with string 2
Small crab
Woven feather band 4
Handful of flowers
Shameweed fibre chain 3
Goathair braid with Horn eye 16
Tongs and Hammer
Carved elkbone ring 14
A small wren
String of shells 7
Two Puppies
Mudrock bracelet 11
Smoke from a crevasse
Fungustring chain w/ tree-gall 21
A Horse
Roachshell necklace 9
A Dead Horse
Feathers stuck in amber 23
Three women plucking hens

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