Tuesday, 17 October 2017

New Feierland Merchants: The Woodturner

The drafts of my preposterous equipment lists continue somewhat apace. I'm going to tweak a bunch of the prices - I want there to be a big old discrepancy between rich people stuff and poor people stuff. There need to be spices that can buy farms, you know? I'll do that on the next pass. In the mean time, here are a bunch of nice wooden things. There's enough in there to help build the setting in the imagination of the beholder, I think, and enough odd things and services to inspire people to play creatively and entertainingly.

I played with another new group the other day - 3 players who'd never played RPGs before + my girlfriend. They really enjoyed looking through the madness that is my equipment list and buying a bunch of dumb things. I was happy.

BEGINNERQUEST: Patron Jon Shortchange of The Reprehensiblers informs all Hectors and Bovver-Boys that rumours and mistruths about the moonlight activites of his fellowship are somewhat exaggerated. All beasts involved in Reprihensibler meetings are guaranteed to be dead BEFORE the beginning of the festivities. A Reward of 175 g, a set of painted playing-cards, and a spade is offered to anyfolk whom can sharply identify the source of these rumours.

Woodturner Woodturner (cont.)
Meusmador of Boldbarn - 22 y.o. Gambler Meusmador of Boldbarn - 22 y.o. Gambler
Services Cost (g) Services Cost (g)
Secret Compartment (by size) 9 - 110 Custom chess set ~ 245 - 425
Identify wood ~ 10 Fixtion of damage item ~ 2 per hour
Embellish/engrave (paper size) ~ 5 per section  Craft religious icon (fist sized) ~ 40
Load dice ~ 5 per dice Carve mandrake  to likeness ~ 100
Statue buildening ~ 100 per m2
Woodmending ~ 3 per hour
Item Cost (g) Item Cost (g)
Hardwood (e.g. Bridgewood, 50 per m2 Frank-Ash Lamellar (full suit) 46
Embleton Oak, Frank-Ash) Carved likeness 49
Softwood (e.g. Wolderwood, 30 per m2 Bed 50
Terric Pine, Nibbling Willow) Plough 53
Crookwood (e.g. Bloodwillow, 35 per m2 Block & Tackle 60
Red Yew, Gravebud) Snail-throne 62
Sled 75
Craft of Bone or Horn x 0.75 Cart 115
Mandrake root 115
Dice 2 Goat-chariot 133
Spoon or fork 2 Cabinet ~ 150
Cup 3 Chess set (Beasts vs Birds) 163
Tentpole (3 m) 4 Wagon 265
Oar 5
Funeral stake 5 Beehive frame (each) 3
Basket 5 Beehive, empty 10
Bucket 6 Wicker/Strawman, small 4
Stool 7 Toothpicks (fistful) 5
Scepter or rod 9 Rolling-pin 2
Chair 10 Smoking pipe 5
Ladder (3 m) 10 Horn (Hunting) 15
Scrollcase 11
Coffin (basic) 12
Barrel  15
Cage, for bird or mudrat 15
Flotsam figurine (Pirate, etc.) 17
Feierlish strugglebox 22
Wheel  22
Chair of swooning 25
Door 26
Headcage 26
Wheelborough 27
Strange carved fetish 33
Chest or trunklike object 35
Skis 36
Yoke 42
Bench or Tabling Device 43

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